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The courses are held in Wanna's beautiful Pavilion style kitchen overlooking the Oxfordshire countryside at Shotover Park.

The delicate art of airbrushing and hand painting are undertaken in Restoration Works' well equipped studio at the top of the house with up to date equipment and a spacious and well ventilated environment with a north facing aspect which gives perfect light.

Hannah and Wanna will be running two separate courses each a week long. Each course will have to be limited to a small group so that each individual gets maximum attention and opportunity to try out the various techniques being demonstrated.

The first course will be geared towards absolute beginners and will cover the rudimentary skills. Each student will be provided with a very comprehensive set of notes to take home with them at the end of each of the courses.

  • Day 1: Preparation of china eg cleaning, removing old glues and rivets, stain removal, examining prior to restoration.
  • Day 2: Sticking simple and multiple breaks eg handles knobs fixing cracks.
  • Day 3: Learning to make fillers of different colours, removing set glues and rubbing down
  • Day 4: Modelling and moulding .
  • Day 5: Painting hand and airbrush techniques - demonstrated, and guilding
  • Students should bring with them an apron, rubber gloves, pieces of china stick up or with rivets in them and a cup with cracks.
    This course will give the student the basic skills to enjoy restoring for their own pleasure at a non-professional level.

The second week will enable the student to explore the techniques in much more detail and focus on more demanding skill such as moulding and airbrushing and colour matching.

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