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Hannah West has triumphed over severe dyslexia to establish together with Joanna Seaward, a highly regarded ceramic restoration service in Oxford. Not long after the birth of her third child, Hannah took a ceramic restoration course in London and began working from home in a business set up with Kate Tarrell in 1986. Both women found it combined well with their domestic commiments and were greatly encouraged by expert collectors and dealers. Katie Tarrell moved to London in 1992 and Hannah continued in the business alone, developing new methods of restoration and expanding her creativity. Hannah's business went from strength building up a strong client base with work being sent to her from all over the world, including a client with showrooms in Florida and Hamburg. Hannah has accomplished a great amount and experiences a huge sense of fulfilment after years of having most professions or satisfying jobs closed to her because of her disability. Hannah has particular experience in museum mends. When an ancient figure of a female dance was shattered almost beyond repair, Cox Underwriting commissioned Hannah to restore a piece of history. Using the correct technique for works of this kind, the restoration involved complete reconstruction of the dancer's face. The item is now fully restored and ready to be sold via the Thesaurus website.

Han Dynasty dancer - shattered almost beyond repair

The restored dancer
(206BC - 220AD)


Hannah's experience and knowledge of restoration means she can remove old glues, staples and lead collars left over from any previous restoration. She is highly skilled in ceramic reconstruction using a variety of techniques, and has experience in using many materials including: alabaster, jade, marble and painting on victorian glass.

Much of Hannah's work has been for local dealers, and also for Sir Richard Ormond, the retired director of the National Maritime Museum and John Twitchet, a renowned specialist in Crown Derby. She has appeared on the Antiques Show on BBC2 and in publications such as: Country Living, Period House, Collect IT, Trace and the local press.

Hannah's work is done by hand and she will give as much time to each project as is necessary. All of her clients needs are treated on an individual basis, and she will be pleased to give personal consultations after a prior appointment arranged over the telephone.


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