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Joanna Seaward, commonly known as Wanna, was brought up mainly in Cornwall. After leaving sixth form college she attended a cookery college in Richmond, Surrey. Having completed her diploma she found herself back in Cornwall working as cook and general bottle washer on The Marquese, an old square rigged sailing ship, as one of the 12 strong crew. Their various adventures included journeys around the coast of England and Ireland, as well as trips to Europe and Africa.

Wanna has been china restoring for 23 years. She trained at the prestigious Studio 1D in Kensington Church Walk London W 8 and stayed on there to work with a highly skilled team of restorers and conservators for the next 7 years. Amongst the Studio's clients were many of London's leading antique dealers and galleries, the top auction houses and the Royal Household including HRHs Charles and Diana .The studio also worked for international antique dealers and collectors. In particular, Wanna worked extensively on the famous Nanking Cargo which was recovered from the bottom of the South China Sea.

In 1987 Wanna married and moved to Oxford where she set up her own studio, Mulberry House Studio. This is set in beautiful Shotover Park, once one of Henry VIII favoured hunting grounds and largely unspoilt since then. She has established a very successful business, maintaining her London based clients, expanding her practice to include dealers, collectors and auction houses based in the South East as well as carrying out new work for museums and private clients alike.
She has a particular interest in eighteenth century English porcelain.
In addition to her restoration work, Wanna has taught several courses over the years which have been a huge success. She stays in close contact with many of her pupils. She is very happy to undertake refresher courses and some pupils have travelled from Atlanta and Florida to return to sunny Shotover.
When she is not working, she looks after her three children Joe, Poppy and Lily, continues to house train her husband Charlie and enjoys gardening and surfing.

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